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n. (plural of gleam English) vb. Third person singular simple present of ''to gleam.''

Usage examples of "gleams".

They lay around him with gleams of light shining keenly out of their wounds like notes in an alien melody.

Keen gleams winked across the dark gulf behind his closed eyes, but he could not answer them.

But though he was impatient now for the end, eager for any blank damnable repose, still the keen gleams carried him along.

The gleams which fraught the air fell about him in alien intervals, like moist, blue-green shines of woodsong.

Against them came faint alien gleams of music which he recognized and did not remember.

Whenever he chose, he left the Zone by the Portal of Gleams and was paid his winnings.

Passing through the Portal of Gleams, they set out across the Foreland toward the Hills of Recall, black on the mottled dark brown and violet sky, ten miles to the south.

Down the north slope they moved, and the closer they approached the Portal of Gleams, the more ghastly and detestable seemed the Zone.

Far to the northwest a dozen shapes made for the Portal of Gleams, hoping to reach safety before full daylight.

Moonlight frayed down through the fronds, applying liquid gleams to its haunches.

He made a muffled noise, and she saw gleams of the streetlights in his eyes.

Moonlight edged the wavelets with silver, and among those gleams it seemed he could see reflected the broken curve of his life: a kid living for Christmas, drawing pictures, receiving praise, growing up mindless to high school, sex, and drugs.

Murciélago’s stare burned into her, and she felt disoriented, as insubstantial as one of the gleams slipping across his eyes.

She concentrated on her own, and as they walked from the pier to the hotel, she saw halos around leaves, gleams coursing along electrical wires, and opaque films shifting over people’s faces.