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n. (plural of glaze English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: glaze)

Usage examples of "glazes".

They had been famous for their glazes, especially their cardinal ware, so called because its bright clear red exactly matched the adult male plumage of our state bird.

It’s against the law to use lead glazes for anything except purely decorative pieces, and even those have to be clearly labeled.

With the exception of… slip gazes, this is not always the case since many glazes do not fit a pot perfectly and therefore are under tension, causing the glaze to yield and develop fine crazed lines (sometimes discernible only with a magnifying glass) either immediately or over time.

Kilns had to be unloaded, the bisque ware (he’d thought at first they were saying “biscuit” ware) had to be checked for imperfections, glazes had to be mixed from various chemicals and the bisque were dipped in, then set to dry in front of a large fan before getting a second turn through the kiln in a couple of days.

People knew the dangers before then and most potters had quit using the heavy-metal glazes, but Nordan Pottery was famous for its cardinal red and lead’s the only thing that’ll give that clear bright color, so he and the boys kept on making coffee cups and soup mugs right up till the end, even though studies had shown that things like juice and soup or tea or coffee can leach the lead out even faster.

Some pesky Suffragists brought in their pet female doctor and commenced whinging about the entire painting room, espe­cially about the paints and glazes, saying we're poisoning the girls and that's why they disappear.

The clay choked the soil as well—and the lead from the glazes killed what the clay didn't choke.

With them he could match virtually the glazes of every pot coming onto his bench.

She might work with clay or glazes until the early hours of the morning, or go out and mix with the streetlife, but the merchant in her didn't believe in overtime.

The bothy faced west, which often gave me long mornings of near-perfect painting light, followed by warm afternoon glows that I'd at first subconsciously translated into mellowing glazes and then, when I found out those pictures sold most quickly, into commercial technique.

The face of the inner woman had to be built of glazes, of colour not as opaque as outer living skin might be, but still to be unmistakably the person who lived in that flesh, who thought and believed and confronted doubt.

There were glazes of shadow over the hillsides and atmospheric double shadows over many of the tartan pools round the heather roots.