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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glaver \Glav"er\, v. i. [Of Celtic origin; cf. W. glafr flattery.]

  1. To prate; to jabber; to babble. [Obs.]

    Here many, clepid filosophirs, glavern diversely.

  2. To flatter; to wheedle. [Obs.]

    Some slavish, glavering, flattering parasite.


vb. 1 (context obsolete English) To prate; to jabber; to babble. 2 (context obsolete English) To flatter; to wheedle.


The Glaver are a fictional extraterrestrial race from David Brin's Uplift Universe.

The Glavers are a small race, reptilian in appearance with opalescent skin, their bulbous eyes are independent of each other, and swivel in a way disconcerting to most binocular races. They are primarily quadrupedal with limited bipedal capacity.

The Glavers' primary organ of manipulation is their prehensile tail, using its forked end to tackle more subtle tasks. However, the tail is weak in musculature, and so a use remains for the strong forelegs function as rudimentary hands for gripping and manipulation. These are clumsy and unsuited for any task more complicated than grasping a stick or handle and are used to tackle any heavy task the Glaver requires done.

Glavers are capable of eating and digesting both plant matter and small insects, but are incapable of digesting meat. As this would indicate, Glavers have no canine teeth. They also lack incisors, relying entirely on crushing food matter between their large molars.

There can be considered to be two groups of Glavers at present, those who are still live on as a spacefaring culture and those who walk the path of redemption.

Usage examples of "glaver".

A pair of opal-skinned glavers, perturbed while rooting for grubs, lifted their round heads and sniffed haughtily.

But seek all glavers that have come to browse among us, and push those simple ones away, so our guilt won't stain their reclaimed innocence.

But alas for Dwer, it was his job to stop glavers who took a strange notion to leave the cozy lowlands and make a break for perilous freedom.

If the glaver had reached the plains beyond the Rimmer Range, it would have been no end of trouble.

The black-furred creature kept still, its gaze riveted on the flighty glaver, but Dwer wasn't fooled.

The glaver retreated with a snarl, till her bony back plates brushed rock, causing a rain of pebbles.

Mudfoot kept facing the glaver, but something in its stance said--"Be quiet, fool!

The panting glaver tracked it with one eye, while the other watched the swaying noor.

The glaver squealed, struck out with the stick, then whirled to flee the other way.

Though starving and weak, the glaver had enough panicky strength to drag Dwer for a dozen meters, till her will finally gave out.

Also, if he led the glaver away before dawn, he just might manage to leave Mudfoot snoring by the coals.

The glaver mewed unhappily, and the noor glared at him until the breeze swept most of the intense aroma away.

The glaver tracked Dwer dully with one thoughtless eye, the other still closed.

New scrolls were added by glaver, hoon, and qheuen settlers, first jealously hoarded, then shared as the Commons slowly formed.

Dwer shook Rety awake and hurriedly led the glaver under a rocky overhang.