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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glave \Glave\, n. See Glaive.


n. (alternative form of glaive English)

GLAVE (software)

GLAVE is an interactive tracefile debugger for the Vulkan API by LunarG.

Usage examples of "glave".

They consisted of the long sword, the short sword, the dagger, the mace, and a weapon known as the hand-gisarm, or glave- lot--a heavy swordlike blade eight palms long, a palm in breadth, and riveted to a stout handle of wood three feet long.

Two other slaves stood forward with glaves, lighter poles, bladed, with which they cut a path for the following barges.

Jaim was a ferocious fighter, and even though he had not brought his mighty glave - clansmen were forbidden, under pain of death, to own swords -he was carrying two broad-bladed hunting knives, held in horizontal sheaths stitched at the back of his wide belt.

This case had become a cause celebre for the Aubinans, who claimed that Glaves was being persecuted by a vengeful Marneri government.