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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glaum \Glaum\, v. i. [Etymol. uncertain.] To grope with the hands, as in the dark. [Scot.]

To glaum at, to grasp or snatch at; to aspire to.

Wha glaum'd at kingdoms three.


vb. 1 (context Scotland English) To grope with the hands, as in the dark. 2 (context Scotland English) To grasp or snatch (at).

Usage examples of "glaum".

They are more interested in getting the come-alongs on Rudolph's wrists but before they move him he pulls his clothes aside and shows the doctor where the slug is in his side and the doctor takes one glaum and shakes his head and says: "Gangrene," he says.

If Hilda Glaum was in the habit of visiting Deans Folly and used this room it was natural that these things should be here.