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a. 1 (context Yinglish of an animal Judaism English) Having none of a particular kind of adhesion on the outside of its lungs; only meat from a glatt animal can be kosher. 2 (context Yinglish by extension of food Judaism English) Having no ingredients from animals that are not glatt.


Glatt may refer to:

  • Glatt (Rhine), a river in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland
  • Glatt (Thur), a river in the canton of St. Gall, Switzerland
  • Glatt (Neckar), a river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Stadtbahn Glattal, a modern rapid-transit system in the canton of Zürich
  • Glatt Valley, the river valley of the river Glatt and a region in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland
  • Glatt kosher, a special requirement of kosher food adhered to by Orthodox Jews. Those who describe themselves as keeping "Glatt Kosher" observe the laws of Kashrut very closely.
  • Gail Platt, a popular character from the UK ITV soap Coronation Street.
Glatt (Rhine)

Glatt is the name of a lesser affluent to the High Rhine in the Unterland of the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. It is long and flows out from the Greifensee thru the Glatt Valley, discharging into the Rhine by Glattfelden. Whereas the upper reaches are only gently inclined, the stream gets steeper beneath, forming banks of bed load.

The earliest mention of the Glatt (fluvii, qui dicitur glat) dates to 1034. The hydronym is proposed to hearken back to the OHG adjectiveglat, meaning either "bright, clear" or "plane, smooth".Gabrielle Schmid/Andres Kristol, Niederglatt ZH (Dielsdorf) in: Dictionnaire toponymique des communes suisses – Lexikon der schweizerischen Gemeindenamen – Dizionario toponomastico dei comuni svizzeri (DTS|LSG), Centre de dialectologie, Université de Neuchâtel, Verlag Huber, Frauenfeld/Stuttgart/Wien 2005, ISBN 3-7193-1308-5 and Éditions Payot, Lausanne 2005, ISBN 2-601-03336-3, p. 646. Since the 15th century, the Glatt had been subject to the sovereignty of the city of Zurich, the council of which assigned the custody over the river to two reeves (Glatt vögte) in the 16th century.

After a first attempt to regulate the stream in 1593 and a rudimentary project in the early 19th century, the largest reshapings took place during the time from 1878 to 1895. In 1936, another straightening was carried out as a preliminary work to the construction of the Zurich Airport as well as to land improvement and future overbuilding. Due to the last regulation works in 1975 between Niederglatt and the Glatt’s confluence to the Rhine, the hydroelectric power stations built in the late 19th century at the lower course of the stream disappeared.

Erstwhile the Glatt was said to be abounding with fish. Owing to the accelerated growth of Zurich's agglomeration during the 20th century and the insufficiency of the purification plants built in the 1960s, it has been strongly polluted; from 1994 to 2002, the sewage system was restructured by driving a tunnel between the Glatt Valley and the Limmat Valley.

Glatt (Neckar)

Glatt is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

On its shore are the villages Glatten and Glatt, known for its watercastle. It ends in the territory of Horb am Neckar in the Neckar river.

Usage examples of "glatt".

Eva Glatt said brightly, "you'll be very bored staying here with your nice uncles while they do all that tedious paperwork.

Eva Glatt said, straightening, "it's just a matter of elementary psychology.

I've got the subject right here, at least I shall have as soon as that Glatt female is through with her puerile tests, and Amalgamated's psycho-socialization lab is perfectly equipped for the examination.

He hauled Eva Glatt to her feet and clamped his free hand over her mouth.

Er begann mit der Hülle zu spielen, strich sie glatt, zerknitterte sie wieder.

Das ganze Ritual der Operationsvorbereitung lief glatt und rationell ab wie immer.