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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And to emphasise the elegant style of the Milchester house we chose hand-cut Stuart Crystal glassware.
▪ Cleaning materials were the first priority, and enough china, cutlery and glassware for her own use.
▪ I stand three feet from the glassware and count the tumblers lined up on a towel.
▪ Instruments of torture feature somewhat incongruously alongside porcelain, glassware and fans owned by members of the imperial family.
▪ Interest is building up in Waterford Wedgwood, makers of the famous crystal glassware and bone china.
▪ She thought it left too many spots on glassware.
▪ Without funds, we purchased silver and glassware.
▪ You can bring children here without waiters glancing anxiously at the glassware.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glassware \Glass"ware\, n. Ware, or articles collectively, made of glass.


n. glasses, jugs and other tableware made of glass.


n. an article of tableware made of glass [syn: glasswork]

Usage examples of "glassware".

Especially with Herian Axemaster, who handled over half of all the glassware and pottery which moved through Lorham.

They died within three weeks of each other, and his mother inherited a houseful of Waterford glassware, Belleek china and other household impedimenta.

Reuben Montego had said, the Laurentian lab did a lot of forensic work, and so had sealing tape that could be applied to the glassware.

When I drew a Liebig condenser for them, there were a few guys slapping foreheads, and a couple of the glassware shops did a roaring trade in the things for a couple of weeks.

Alice pointed her forkful of fried egg at the wall next to the kitchen window, where painted shelves held the things Helen had started and stopped collecting over the years saltcellars, vintage salt and pepper shakers, cobalt blue glassware.

Franziska Speyer, the widow of the rich banker, Georg Speyer, gave him a great sum of money to build the Georg Speyer House, to buy glassware and mice and expert chemists, who could put together the most complicated of his darling dyes with a twist of the wrist, who could make even the crazy drugs that Ehrlich invented on paper.

Once more his laboratory became a shambles of cluttered flasks and hurrying assistants and tinkling glassware and sputtering, bubbling pots of yeast soup.

Whitehead: computers and lab animals and expensive equipment and refrigerated cultures and unrefrigerated cultures and notebooks and enough glassware to water Ethiopia.

Each of them had a vast array of glassware on top, immensely complicated crystalline intestines of some adventuresome beast, plastic hardware units clamped around tubes and flasks, a spaghetti tangle of wiring and optical cable winding through it all.

Bible, a bloodsoaked major's cockade crowning a sightless eyeball and the faintly heaving breasts of despoiled nudity faded away before the sparkling overtures of a sometime movie star pursuing the active life with a tennis racket no longer hampered by incontinence, and they woke to the clatter of glassware on a kitchen tray.

Here I saw workshops and what looked like chemistry laboratories: lots of glassware and bubblings and people in white smocks.

He took her to one of the lab benches, where there was a complicated setup of exotic glassware, and began explaining how he was separating out the RNA and the capsid proteins from the Ebola virus.

Just as graduate students were an economic advantage over robots, old-fashioned chippable lab glassware was used instead of glassteel.

Wanting busy work, Laura moved to the shelves and began to tidy glassware.

The two wooden benches that ran down the center of the lab were supporting a fair amount of glassware, resembling a sophisticated high-school chemistry set.