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n. (context surfing English) person who applies fibreglass and resin to a surfboard during its manufacture.


Glasser is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Glasser (1916–1998), American composer of film scores
  • Arthur Glasser (1914–2009), American missiologist and missionary
  • Bernard Glasser (1924–2014), American film producer and director
  • Dick Glasser (1933–2000), American singer and songwriter
  • Harold Glasser (1905–1992), New Deal economist and Soviet spy
  • Ira Glasser (born 1938), director of the ACLU
  • Isabel Glasser (born 1958), American actress
  • Leah Blatt Glasser, American literary critic and scholar
  • Leonard Glasser, American screenwriter, cartoonist and animator
  • Phillip Glasser (born 1978), American actor
  • Ronald J. Glasser, American doctor and author
  • William Glasser (1925–2013), American psychiatrist
Glasser (musician)

Glasser (real name Cameron Mesirow; born 1983 or 1984), is an American singer-songwriter and record producer signed to True Panther Sounds. She released her debut EP, Apply, on May 26, 2009, followed by debut album ''Ring ''on September 24, 2010. Her second studio album, Interiors, was released on October 4, 2013.

Usage examples of "glasser".

Sanson shot at one and missed, then Glasser realized they were in an untenable situation.

Lieutenant Glasser but the last two members of the team are with me in the pickup truck.

Merrill said a quarter of an hour later, glaring at Kirk, Spock, and McCoy while Thavas, Glasser, and Uhura sat around a conference table.

She and Spock were huddled against the hull of the Tholian ship, the Vulcan correlating her information while Glasser and her team continued to work over the vessel.

Kirk extended his hand as Merrill and Glasser stepped toward the opening bridge elevator doors.

Howse was on the ground with a local paramedic bent over him when Glasser, who may have been last in but was also last out, came through the gate.

I disagree with Glasser in his general denial of the significance of the past in understanding behaviour in the present.

Yet the past invariably insinuates itself into our present life through the Parent and the Child, and unless we understand why this happens, and admit that it does, we do not have an emancipated Adult by which we can become the responsible persons Glasser admonishes us to be.

The main defense lawyers, Bruce Cutler and Gerry Shargel, finally obtained a court order from judge Glasser to have the defendants moved out of total sep into the general jail population on the grounds that the Bureau of Prisons was breaking its own rules for the treatment of inmates who were not troublemakers.

But then he learned to his dismay that judge Glasser had disqualified not only Cutler but Shargel as defense attorneys for the trial.

Gleeson asked Sammy if he wanted judge Glasser to appoint counsel for him.

He showed his experimental attempts at fiction, written in longhand, to a slightly older scientifictioneer, Allen Glasser, who had sold a few minor efforts and was especially astute at winning prize contests.

Allen Glasser corresponded with Walter Dennis about the Science Correspondence Club and decided to form a similar organization, which he called The Scienceers.

This latest situation with Glasser, following on the heels of the others, was just too much.

FBSPECIAL Agent Don Glasser ran the Washington plate through the Department of Motor Vehicles.