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n. (plural of glance English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: glance)

Usage examples of "glances".

She stole glances at the Summers in the stands around her, relieved to find a benign surprise looking back at her.

VENTURA exchanged glances, and edged a little bit away from the others, where they could exchange whispers unheard.

The door to the kitchen passage began to swing busily and in minutes two young women had set and filled the board, casting shy glances not so much at Elizabeth as at Nathaniel.

Elizabeth collected shy looks from bachelor farmers, appreciative appraisals from merchants and calculating glances from their wives and daughters, some of them directed openly to her waist.

Axel, drawing sharp glances from his daughter and a giggle from his grandchildren.

Lhyn, not yet ready to, forgive her husband, bustled within the tent, emerging to shake blankets or comb furs with sidelong glances of disapprobation at the men.

There were enough fellow servants present already cast lustful glances her way, had so far stayed their advances only because she dismissed them.

A brief exchange of frightened glances, then Aurelie and Kairthe followed.

Sweat poured from his face onto his prayer book, which he looked up from only to cast sympathetic glances at Maxine Cunningham.

It would not suit me at all for anyone to notice us and wonder why Prince Dutiful was exchanging significant glances with a serving man.

Outislanders, including Arkon Bloodblade, exchanged worried glances at the thought of a Six Duchies prince slaying their dragon.

The Queen had done it, well, yes, and the Prince, and the glances that were tossed his way seemed more appraising of him than previously.

He gave me no sly glances and I joined with the others in drinking, even as I hoped Burrich would firmly keep Nettle at home.

My heart sank at the hostile glances we received, and sank still more when I saw Blade Havershawk at the end of the table nearest the hearth.

The silences, the quickly averted glances, the new and cool politeness and the low, murmured exchanges behind her back, no matter how much she had expected it, still hurt.