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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Glair \Glair\, n. [F. glaire, glaire d'?uf, the glair of an egg, prob. fr. L. clarus clear, bright. See Clear, a.]

  1. The white of egg. It is used as a size or a glaze in bookbinding, for pastry, etc.

  2. Any viscous, transparent substance, resembling the white of an egg.

  3. A broadsword fixed on a pike; a kind of halberd.


Glair \Glair\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Glaired; p. pr. & vb. n. Glairing.] To smear with the white of an egg.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

white of an egg, c.1300, from Old French glaire "white of egg, slime, mucus" (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *claria (ovi) "white part (of an egg)," from Latin clarus "bright, clear" (see clear (adj.)).


n. 1 egg-white, especially as used in various industrial preparations. 2 Any viscous, slimy substance. 3 A broadsword fixed on a pike; a kind of halberd. vb. To smear with egg-white.

Usage examples of "glair".

The female, Glair, presided over the recording equipment that sought out information from the planet below.

If Vorneen chose to look slightly too handsome, if Glair had erred in the direction of voluptuousness, if Mirtin wished to be self-effacingly unglamorous, those all were permissible options.

Sickened, he knew that Glair must have jumped to her death, and at the loss of one of his mates he felt an anguish far more terrible than he had ever known.

Here he was, hurtling downward with thirty miles of void beneath him, and Glair probably dead already, and a planet of hostile strangers waiting for him.

And Glair was special, uniquely sensitive to the needs of the group, the perfect female bridge to link the two males.

Looking down at herself, over the hills and valleys of the body that had become so familiar to her in the past ten years, Glair saw the light brown wrappings that covered her legs from ankles to knees.

But now, in the few days since he had taken Glair into his house, he came to realize that that had been an exaggeration.

What he felt for her was as strong as what he felt for Mirtin and Glair, and since he loved them, he must love her.

Mirtin would never take an active role, while Glair provoked sexual activity only in the feminine facet of the healer, the consoler, the soother.

He went on feeling desire for Mirtin and Glair, even though they were hidden beneath synthetic Earthman flesh.

Her body was quite different from the one Glair had chosen for herself.

More so, perhaps, since Kathryn was authentic, Glair only a sleek replica.

Pity and gratitude are never very solid foundations for real love, Glair knew, even when the people involved belong to the same species.

Once Glair saw that, she stopped looking upon him as a broken thing that needed to be fixed, and began seeing him in a more immediately equal relationship.

Naturally Glair had not let him know this, though probably he suspected it.