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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, Welsh Gwladys, probably a Brythonified form of Latin Claudia (q.v.).


Gladys may refer to the following:

  • Gladys (given name), people with the given name Gladys
  • Gladys, Kentucky
  • Gladys, Virginia
  • Hurricane Gladys (1968)
  • Gladys the Swiss Dairy Cow, a sculpture of a cow
  • Gladys (film), 1999 film written and directed by Vojtech Jasny
  • The pistol carried by Marv in the comic series Sin City
  • The launch name used for USA-215, an American reconnaissance satellite
  • Gladys, a character in the cartoon The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
Gladys (given name)

Gladys or Gladice is a female name from the Welsh name Gwladus or Gwladys, which bears the meaning of royalty (princess) or the gladiolus flower.

It has been sometimes used as a Welsh form of Claudia.

Usage examples of "gladys".

Klick shot one dark glance at Ludwig, then turned toward the approaching Gladys Cahill, and the two drifted off toward the turkey tables, talking in low voices.

There was Klick at one of the turkey tables, holding forth with Gladys Cahill and the rest of the usual gang.

Gladys and the king lived happily ever aftter, and Rumpelstiltskin was never seen in the kingdom again.

In this mission of mercy she was ably assisted by her barmaids, Ruby and Gladys, both graduates of the Municipal Female Seminary on Eighth and Greenwich, where they had majored in handling obstreperous bull dykes.

I thought I was going to be hearing music by the Drifters, Buddy Holly, the Chiffons, and Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Gladys now high in the Eastern Star, and Muriel, married to Henryton's leading hardware and furniture dealerMuriel, mother of the sweetest twins in Evarts County.

I happen to know that Gladys Mergendahl's sister in Oklahoma went insane as a result of hair dye.

Gladys was small, but very quick and deft on the playing-field or tennis court, and a fine little swimmer.

Minnie, was a venerable leader and able to condescend to new Petes and Minnies and Gladyses.

I could only interpret it that perhaps Nordheim had been attentive to Gladys herself and that she had not welcomed his attentions.

This trip would raise hob with those plans, and Gladys could be difficult when she wished.

In some respects Gladys reminded Eddie of Schatzi, the German shepherd bitch he used to have as a boy.

Though having no particular liking for the bouncing, self-opinioned Gladys, she was quite sure of the girl's intrinsic honesty and could well imagine that the affair must have upset her.

Then had sicked them up, along with his morning ration of kibble, on Gladys Macey’s pristine front stoop.

Her pleasure was to sing along with Motown recordings and do the steps and gestures accompanying the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Syreeta Wright, all the oldies.