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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The dead giveaway, though, was that they were both way beyond Juvenile Court status and they were both wearing suits.
▪ As for the faucets, their age is a dead giveaway.
▪ The eyes are a dead giveaway.
▪ Since Young hardly ever slides, it was a dead giveaway something was troubling him.
▪ At the church they're having a holiday giveaway of clothes and toys.
▪ As for the faucets, their age is a dead giveaway.
▪ Center Peter Forsberg made it 2-0, taking advantage of a rare Ray Bourque giveaway in the defensive zone.
▪ Last night Mr Brown was working on the final details of his £4billion giveaway.
▪ Promotional items and giveaways: Many manufacturers offered giveaways to consumers with the purchase of their product.
▪ There are all kinds of giveaway which could be used in place of product samples.
▪ There are clues, though not giveaways, from the start.
▪ The Bank may also fear a giveaway Budget in March, and the easy option is for it to do nothing.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also give-away, "act of giving away," 1872, from phrase give away, c.1400 (of brides, from 1719); see give (v.) + away (adv.). Meaning "to betray, expose, reveal" is 1878, originally U.S. slang.


n. 1 something that is given away or handed out for free 2 something that is obvious or apparent; something that reveals a secret

  1. n. a gift of public land or resources for the private gain of a limited group

  2. an unintentional disclosure

  3. a television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards [syn: game show]

Usage examples of "giveaway".

She felt as powerful as she had ever been, ready to wrestle with the Allview for a slot higher up on the main menu, more cross promotion with other shows, better guest stars, and pricier audience giveaways.

Richard Griffen of Royal Classic Knitwear in Toronto, who have accused him of dumping his overruns on the market as free giveaways and thus depriving the working man of wages, Captain Chase stated that as recipients of these items cannot afford to purchase them he is not doing anyone out of sales.

The last hope lies with Gov. Lawton Chiles, who with a stroke of the pen should snuff the Flo-Sun giveaway, along with another disastrous bill pushed by U.

But following a straight line would have been a dead giveaway that the porpoises were phonies, and so the computer was programmed to follow an erratic course, much as porpoises might have done.

The keenness with which Chambers checked the revisions was something of a giveaway, though it appears the two men did not discuss it.

For example, I stupidly used my own birthdate as his, which under the wrong circumstances could be a dead giveaway.

The architect of the latest giveaway is County Manager Sergio Pereira, whoinvoking the Miss Universe Pageant Boondoggle Theoremsays the TV exposure makes the road races worth every nickel, tourist-wise.

Now, I never enjoyed this sort of thing even when it was a novelty, but clearly EWC is looking for a younger, crunchier, scorchier type of customer than yours truly—the pop-eyed, batter-fried iguana is another giveaway.

Now, I never enjoyed this sort of thing even when it was a novelty, but clearly EWC is looking for a younger, crunchier, scorchier type of customer than yours truly-the pop-eyed, batter-fried iguana is another giveaway.

She started off on one of the temps' weekly giveaway mags, writing features and advertorials, as well as laying out ads and even selling space when things got tight.

A sure giveaway that he'd never seen active service before, either.

Ten old men, all wearing cowboy hats and faded jeans and work boots or western-style boots, each with a rifle held butt against the floor between his knees, were sitting around watching a giveaway program on TV.

Leaving him a note would be a dead giveaway if someone broke in, and he was too smart to answer the phone if I called just after dark had fallen.

The eyes are obvious, but my ears and hair are a dead giveaway from a distance.

It would have been a dead giveaway for him to ignore his master's orders.