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Givat , a Hebrew word meaning hill, is part of the names of many settlements:

  • Givat Asaf, an Israeli outpost settlement in the West Bank
  • Givat Brenner, a kibbutz in the Center District of Israel
  • Givat Ela, a communal settlement in northern Israel
  • Givat Haim, a kibbutz located around 5 kilometres south of Hadera in Israel
  • Givat HaMivtar, a Jewish neighborhood in northern Jerusalem
  • Givat HaShlosha, a kibbutz in central Israel
  • Givat Hen, a moshav in central Israel
  • Givat Mordechai, a Jewish neighborhood in southwest-central Jerusalem
  • Givat Ram, a neighborhood in central Jerusalem
  • Givat Shaul, a neighborhood in western Jerusalem
  • Givat Shmuel, a city in the Center District of Israel
  • Givat Washington, also known as Beit Raban, a religious youth village in central Israel
  • Givat Ze'ev, an Israeli settlement and town in the West Bank