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Giv may refer to:

  • Giv (Shahnameh) a character in Shahnameh
  • Giv, Qom
  • Giv, South Khorasan
Giv (Shahnameh)

Giv is one of the main Iranian heroes in the Shahnameh, the national epic of Greater Iran. He is one of the most famous heroes of Shahnameh. Beside Shahnameh, Giv is also mentioned in Middle Persian texts such as Bundahishn. In Bundahishn, Giv is an immortal and one of the companions of Saoshyant. Giv is son of Goudarz, brother of Roham and father of Bizhan. He married with Banu Goshasp, the daughter of Rostam. Giv appears almost in every story of the heroic age and he is sometimes the spahbed of Iranian Army.