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Giulio is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Giulio Alberoni, Italian cardinal and statesman
  • Giulio Andreotti (1919–2013), Italian politician
  • Giulio Caccini (c.1545–1618), Florentine composer, significant innovator of the early Baroque era
  • Giulio Calì (1895–1967), Italian actor
  • Giulio Cappelli (1911–1995), Italian football player
  • Giulio Einaudi (1912–1999), Italian book publisher
  • Giulio Fioravanti (1923–1999), Italian operatic baritone
  • Giulio Gaudini (1904–1948), Italian fencer
  • Giulio Gavotti (1882–1939), Italian pilot in the Italo-Turkish War and the first pilot to perform an aerial bombardment
  • Giulio Natta (1903–1979), Italian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Giulio Oggioni (1916–1993), Italian bishop
  • Giulio Prosperetti (born 1946), Italian labor law scholar and judge
  • Giulio Racah (1909–1965), Israeli mathematician and physicist
  • Giulio Romano (c.1499–1546), Italian painter
  • Giulio Antonio Santorio (1532–1602), Italian cardinal
  • Giulio Sarrocchi (1887–1971), Italian fencer
  • Giulio Scarpati (born 1956), Italian actor
  • Giulio Toniolatti (born 1984), Italian rugby union player
As a surname
  • Carlo Ignazio Giulio (1803–1859), Italian mathematician and mechanical engineer ( it)

Usage examples of "giulio".

The beans and salt fish that Giulio had wolfed so hungrily an hour earlier now fought each other for a return journey up his throat.

He looked up at Giulio with a very suspicious eye, made even more suspicious by the fact he was cross-eyed, as he passed.

A cold chill swept through Giulio as he realized, a little too late, why he should have waited until dawn to read the note.

Apparently Giulio looked as though he could at least afford an aspirin or two.

He glanced up when Giulio entered, then turned his attention back to untangling the thick string.

Only after Graybeard had disappeared in a narrow alley did he release Giulio who hurried after.

He threw the lid back and Giulio leaned forward to look, for he had no idea what he had been burdened with.

Moved on by these encouraging words, and a firm hand in the small of his back, Giulio carried the now lightened suitcase down the seemingly endless steps to the harbor.

In a crumbling world she was a monument to the might of man and, suddenly, Giulio felt very happy.

The roar of masculine voices and laughter grew louder and louder as Giulio progressed down the corridor, until he pushed open the swinging doors of the saloon where the noise burst over him in a cloud of tobacco smoke and shouted Italian.

As Giulio pushed through to the bar he heard appreciative comments that while it was not good wine and heady grappa, it certainly was worth drinking in its own right.

A squat and solid man with large red hands talked to Giulio and his companions and held out an object towards them.

The men listened, puzzled, and Giulio tried to appear as unknowing as the others.

Numb, unbelieving, Giulio slid into the chair and tried not to gape at the smiling man on the other side of the desk.

The captain came around the desk and in a sudden lightning motion secured Giulio in an unbreakable grip.