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Giuliani is an Italian family name, which can refer to:

  • Carlo Giuliani, who died during the demonstrations against 2001 G8
  • François Giuliani, Algerian journalist and publicist
  • Gilda Giuliani, Italian singer
  • Laura Giuliani, Italian football goalkeeper
  • Luca Giuliani, professor at the Humboldt University, specialising in Greek and Roman archaeology
  • Lui Giuliani, Australian businessman
  • Mauro Giuliani, guitarist and composer
  • Reginaldo Giuliani, better known as Father Giuliani, Dominican friar, soldier and Italian writer
  • Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and former candidate for United States President in 2008
    • Judith Giuliani, his wife
    • Giuliani Partners, a company founded by Rudolph Giuliani, and its former subsidiary Giuliani Capital Advisors
    • Giuliani (turkey), the tame wild turkey that lives in Riverside Park, Manhattan, New York City, named for the former mayor
  • Simone Giuliani, Italian musician, composer, arranger and record producer
  • Stefano Giuliani, former Italian professional cyclist
  • Tony Giuliani, catcher in Major League Baseball from 1936 to 1943
  • Veronica Giuliani, mystic and saint
Giuliani (turkey)
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