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Giuffria was an American rock band that was formed in 1983 by Gregg Giuffria after his departure from the band Angel, a glam/ hard rock band from Washington, D.C.

Giuffria (album)

Giuffria is the self-titled debut album from American rock band Giuffria (led by keyboard player Gregg Giuffria), released on MCA Records in 1984, and co-produced by Andy Johns. The album peaked at #26 on the Billboard album charts on March 2, 1985. It was the most successful album from the five released by Giuffria, then House of Lords, from 1984 to 1992. The debut single from the album, "Call to the Heart" reached the top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2007, "Call to the Heart" appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories soundtrack, playing on fictional power ballad radio station, Emotion 98.3.