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vb. (obsolete typography of give English)

Usage examples of "giue".

But yet thus much I conceiue of them, that I must euen giue vp what my conscience doth find in the behalfe of shepeheards.

So courteous conge both did giue and take,With right hands plighted, pledges of good will.

Perdie, then is it fit for me (said he)That am, I weene, most wretched man aliue,Burning in flames, yet no flames can I see,And dying daily, daily yet reuiue:O Atin, helpe to me last death to giue.

The second was as Almner of the place,His office was, the hungry for to feed,And thristy giue to drinke, a worke of grace:He feard not once him selfe to be in need,Ne car'd to hoord for those, whom he did breede:The grace of God he layd vp still in store,Which as a stocke he left vnto his seede.