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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gith \Gith\, n. [Prov. E., corn cockle; cf. W. gith corn cockle.] (Bot.) The corn cockle; also anciently applied to the Nigella, or fennel flower.


n. The corncockle.


In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, '''Gith ''' is the fictional liberator of the race that would become the githyanki and githzerai. Largely absent, her role is one of a legendary figure of myth rather than an active player in the game's fictional universe (though some published adventures, such as the fourth edition Scales of War adventures, feature her in a more active role). In the chronology of the game, Gith freed her race from slavery at the hands of the Illithids, and then sacrificed her own freedom and life for the ensured survival of her newly freed people, thus cementing her as a recurring motif in githyanki-based adventures.

Usage examples of "gith".

SUMMARY: The Gith Demon transports each sister into a world created by their own desires.

And then he kicked open the last barrier to find none other than Lord Gith, the Vice-Emperor of OrTa.

He swept his diamond blade back and forth, mimicking the many ways he planned to slice Lord Gith, Vice-Emperor or no.

He would kill Gith and have done with it, laws and treaties be damned.

Her eyes shifted from Gith to Ki, and Ki caught a snatch of her thoughts.

The mating fervor nearly overtook him, but Gith staggered back and looked like he might charge her.

Ki moved in then, crowding Gith, herding him toward the door with deep swipes of his diamond blade.

Quickly, Ki moved from guilt to worry over Lord Gith, the next actions of the Council, and the OrTans in general.

Word had filtered from sources all through the universes that Lord Gith had indeed bribed and persuaded the Council to bend to his viewpoint.

Lord Gith was still alive in all his mangy glory, but the Galactic Council had reversed its decision to support his claim.

And so Lord Gith lost any right to complain, and he took his broken skulls and went home.

I have no interest in illithid obsessions, but the Dekanter alhoon most likely believed that if it could recreate the gith, its elder brain would forgive it and it would receive Commencement.

It was melding goblins and mantises that looked a lot like your servants into gith the day we arrived in Dekanter.

Lord Gith had been defeated in the Battle of Camford a few stellar months ago, but the stinking lizard had not been destroyed.

That freaky Lord Gith got his scaly butt kicked when he tried to take Elise away from Ki, though.