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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gitana \Gi*ta"na\, n. fem.; Gitano \Gi*ta"no\, n. masc.[Sp., fr. (assumed) LL. Aegyptanus, fem. Aegyptana, Egyptian. Cf. Gypsy.] A Spanish gypsy.


n. a Spanish female Gypsy


Gitana (English: Gypsy) may refer to:

  • Gitana, Romani people in Spain
  • Gitana (album), a 1987 album released by Mexican singer Daniela Romo.
    • "Gitana", a song from the album.
  • "Gitana", a song by Puerto Rican-American musician Willie Colón.
  • "Gitana", a song by Wisin on the album El Sobreviviente.
  • "Gitana", the Spanish version of " Gypsy" by Shakira.
  • "Alma de Gitana", song by Ednita Nazario from the album Tú Sin Mí
Gitana (album)

Gitana (English Gypsy) is the sixth studio album by Mexican pop singer Daniela Romo. This album was released in 1987.

Usage examples of "gitana".

It was clear that Gitana had no idea what he was, or she would have never bothered offering him food.

Now, Gitana was a creature of such beauty that he thought for a moment that his heart had actually started to beat.

The woman was talking about a man named Aaron, and about how Gitana should return his phone calls.

If grandma was right, then Gitana was heading back down the aisle soon.

He had to fight to keep a feral smile off his face when he heard Gitana thinking about his chiseled face, thick neck, and how his chest looked from the little bit she could see.

It was Gitana who finally crossed the line and pulled his shirt out of his pants.

Aaron had made Gitana feel ugly, and not even divorce could erase that pain.

He wanted to take Gitana and mate with her the way it had been written long ago, but it would be a lie.

Over the sweet vanilla smell of Gitana he picked up the scent of wolves.

Sebastian tried to push past Gitana without hurting her, but she grabbed hold of his arm.

Even with the wind blowing and the rain pounding hard against the glass enclosure, Gitana knew that a wolf was there watching her.

The Romas were well aware of vampires and the demons that they carried within, for Gitana to offer her hand up, full of fresh blood, said that she trusted him.

In his mind, he saw a petite older woman who looked a little like Gitana smiling as she told a tiny dark-haired child of her future.

In addition to that, their late-night visitor needed to know that Gitana was not only under his protection, but was also his mate.

It was bad enough that the vampire had threatened him through one of his people, but he had taken Gitana as well.