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Gisel (, also Romanized as Gīsel and Gisal; also known as Kīseh and Kīsel) is a village in Deylaman Rural District, Deylaman District, Siahkal County, Gilan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 114, in 30 families.

Usage examples of "gisel".

Queen Gisel, efficient in this as in many things, had ordered that city labourers and slaves join in the grain and grape harvests, to cover-as much as possible-the loss of so many people to the plague.

Would Gisel, rising above piety, not see merit in the idea of hidden birds listening to her enemies?

He felt, in that moment, a shaft of pity for Gisel: young and besieged and struggling for her life.

If Gisel gave Caius Crispus any message at all, it would have been for my ears alone.

Crispin thought of Queen Gisel: beset on all sides, struggling to find a path, a space for herself, survival.

It is true that Gisel would serve as excuse for Sarantine intervention, lending validity to his armies.

It was a matter of ongoing surprise in certain quarters that Queen Gisel hadn't been forced to marry or been murdered before now.

Was this the first of the prices she was paying, and would continue to pay, Gisel thought.

For Gisel in that moment, for this young queen of a people not his own, he might even have sur­mounted all the inward matters of his own, truths apprehended in his soul, and sailed on to Sarantium.

There are returning characters such as the young Queen Gisel from Crispin's homeland of Varena, the Emperor Valerius and his wife, and Crispin's old traveling companion, Carullus.