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n. (context ornithology slang English) (alternative spelling of jizz English)

GIS (disambiguation)

GIS, gis or Gis can refer to:


The cuneiform giš sign, (also common for is, iṣ, and iz), is a common, multi-use sign, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Amarna letters, and other cuneiform texts. It also has a major usage as a sumerogram, GIŠ, (capital letter ( majuscule)) for English language "wood", and is used as a determinative at the beginning of words, for items made of wood. The 12 Chapters (Tablets) of the Epic of Gilgamesh lists 16 named items beginning with "GIŠ".

For giš/(is/iz/iṣ) in the construction of words it is used syllabically for giš, and syllabically for the three other constructs; also for eṣ/ez. Besides "giš", it can alphabetically be used for: e, i, s, , or z.

Usage examples of "gis".

Ralph thought that Ghysbrecht Havilland, always known as Gis, was either very silent or very talkative, with little in between.

If Gis had a problem with which he needed help, then the problem must be a large and difficult one.

Ralph knew, though, that he was going to do as Gis asked, but he was going to have to pay for it a little.

He should have remembered what a devil Gis Havilland was, behind the pretty face.

He was halfway to the dining-room door before he retraced his steps to offer Gis his parting shot.

Ralph had drawled, and then began to ask silly questions of Gis and the foreman who had accompanied them.

Not long before the break-ins the foreman had hired a mechanic, Geoff Watson by name, without telling Gis, and the man had remained at Schuyler H for only a fortnight and then had disappeared.

It amused him that he looked as harshly plebeian as his cousin Gis looked aristocratic.

He had once told Gis that he, Ralph, was the spitting image of the piratical Captain who had founded the Schuyler family fortunes, as seen in a rare daguerrotype of him in youth.

It was Thea who had winked at Ralph, after Gis had kissed her, leaving him wondering whether, if he could find someone like her, he might get married after all.

Gis Havilland and his wife were there, but only Gis would attend the Hendon Air Display to which Ralph and Clare would both be going at the end of the week.

Something of his somewhat superior and dismissive thoughts must have shown--or Gis had used his notorious intuition.

And now she was to meet his cousin, the fabled Gis Havilland, pilot and plane designer--to say nothing of exemplary husband and father.

Clare, after reGistering that Gis was as handsome as rumour had said, had been looking eagerly about her, at the crowds, at the massed cars, and the big stand in the far distance where the King and Queen were seated.

Ralph stopped to look into her eyes, forgetting Gis, forgetting everything.