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Gira (disambiguation)

Gira might refer to:

  • Lithuanian word for Kvass, fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread
  • Gira (grape), another name for the Italian wine grape Girò
  • GIRA, acronym for Georgetown International Relations Association
  • Camille Gira (born 1958), Luxembourgian politician
  • Liudas Gira (1894–1946), Lithuanian writer
  • Michael Gira (born 1954), American musician, author, and artist
  • Pomba Gira, a deity of Umbanda and Quimbanda religions in Brazil
  • Spanish word for "turn", Ex: Gira a la izquierda, Translates: Turn on the left
  • Portuguese word (feminine) for "cute"

Usage examples of "gira".

The refugees passed through the village of Wa Gira on their way and a panic had started.

Wa Gira seven years ago, and every day since Miranda had looked upon the Wilderness and never seen anything but rich untouched forest.

A large column of smoke rose from where she figured Wa Gira to be in the landscape.

The shack in Wa Gira was probably destroyed, or at least Miranda hoped so.

Her eyes were bandaged, and she was dependent on the sister of mercy and Mme Giras for everything.

Concretando: Fainberg es un muchacho que no está en el ambiente y que piensa que el mundo gira en torno de su baúl cerrado con llave, pero que en un momento de apuro no es capaz de facilitar a un argentino un peso con cuarenta y cinco centavos.

There were no orixas, but you could sense their presence in the faces of the crowd and in the sweetish odor of cane and cooked foods, in the stench of sweat caused by the heat and by the excitement of the imminent gira.

Gira legera, sotile al suono, al suono del'onde del mar And indeed in the distance came the sound of the sea, and Pelagia waltzed satirically about the hue, pirouetting and giggling, throwing pouts at him to burlesque the military whores she had seen so often, making faces and blowing kisses at the men as they rattled by in their truck.