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GIR can refer to:

  • Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois
  • Geographic Information Retrieval
  • Gir, one of the pen names of Jean Giraud, a French comics artist
  • Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat, India, the only natural habitat of the Asiatic Lion
  • GIR (Invader Zim), a character in the animated series Invader Zim
  • Glider infantry regiment, any one of several regiments of the U.S. Army operating from military gliders during World War II
  • Gray's Inn Road in London, location of the headquarters of ITN
  • Greens in Regulation, a golf statistic, see Golf glossary#G
  • Gir, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Gir, Qom, alternate name of Giv, a village in the Qom province, Iran
  • Rapid Intervention Unit (Gruppo Intervento Rapido) of the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City
  • GObject introspection, a set of programming libraries to provide machine readable introspection data, see GObject#GObject Introspection
  • Gir Cattle, a type of cattle originating in India

Usage examples of "gir".

Concretando: Fainberg es un muchacho que no está en el ambiente y que piensa que el mundo gira en torno de su baúl cerrado con llave, pero que en un momento de apuro no es capaz de facilitar a un argentino un peso con cuarenta y cinco centavos.

This time two Vriks jumped on, a boy and a giri high-caste Brahmin types with short black hair and grey eyes The girl stacked her long board along the seats, the boy kepi hold of his beatbox, hefting it like a weapon.

Still, the escape of a slave gir, or of a male slave, must indeed be rare from canaled Port Kar, protected as it is on on side by the Tambar Gulf and gleaming Thassa, and on the other by the interminable marshes, with their sharks and tharlarion.

C'erano libri, certo, ma i ripiani ospitavano molte altre cose: racchette da tennis, bastoni da hockey, ombrelli, una vanga, un computer portatile, una gamba di legno, svariate tazzine, deci­ne di scarpe, binocoli, un piccolo ceppo, sei burattini, una lampa­da di lava, numerosi CD, dischi (LP, 45 giri, 78 giri), videocasset­te e filmini in superotto, dadi, automobiline giocattolo, dentiere, orologi, torce, quattro gnomi da giardino di misure assortite (due che pescano, uno dall'aria trasognata), pile di giornali, riviste, li­bri di magia per stregoni, sgabelli a tre piedi, una scatola di sigari, un pastore tedesco di plastica con la testa che va su e giù, calzini.

That same communiqué praised other NATO countries for showing restraint in what it viewed as a regional issue centered around religious persecution and intolerance by those states upon whom the GIR had declared war.

Italy and Spain had made valiant, combined force efforts to establish footholds along the coast in order to open up a second front and threaten the rear of the GIR force massing in Egypt, but they had failed and the GIR was consolidating its position.

The two GIR Battalions holding the center were completely decimated and the GIR Battalions to the right and to the left were being mauled by the American mechanized Companies and their Apache support helicopters that had been tasked with holding them in place.

GIR forces defending the city, already faced with significant internal upheaval within Tehran, surrendered unconditionally, were taken into custody and allied forces entered the city by the middle of the month with little opposition.

Heavy losses were inflicted on the advancing Syrian Army Group, but that close to the GIR, with their massive numbers of aircraft, air superiority was not achieved and we were left with no choice but to withdraw.

The major problem was that all re-supply efforts had to be accomplished through the use of airdrops that had to take a dangerous route out of Israel, risking GIR interception.

In addition, almost one third of the Arab League (seven out of twenty-two) was now a part of the GIR.

My guess is that the GIR is going to come boiling out of their staging areas tomorrow and be right up on the border on the 1st.

The 1st mechanized division has only a few of the anti-tank missiles since they will be depending on their mounted chain guns and light cannons taking the GIR vehicles from the rear.

Other than some contact we have made with resistance forces in the interior with whom we are trying to plan some operations, and except for the area immediately to the east of the Bosporus, the entirety of Turkey has now come under GIR control.

What about all the minute aspects of Japanese life that set us apart from everyone else: the complexity of the tea ceremony, the arts of ukiyo-e, ikebana, haiku, the concepts of honor, filial duty, bushido, giri.