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Giorgio (name)

Giorgio is a male Italian given name (and sometimes a surname) meaning George. It may refer to:

Giorgio (song)

"Giorgio" was the Swiss entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest 1958, held in Hilversum, the Netherlands. It was performed in German and Italian. It was the first song to be performed in more than one language in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song was performed by Lys Assia, winner for Switzerland at the 1956 contest, and was composed by Paul Burkhard and Fridolin Tschudi.

On the night of the contest the song was performed 10th (last), following Austria's Liane Augustin with " Die ganze Welt braucht Liebe". At the close of the voting Assia had received 24 points, placing second behind France's André Claveau.

It was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 1959 contest by Christa Williams with " Irgendwoher".

Giorgio (Giorgio Moroder album)

Giorgio is the second studio album by Italian musician Giorgio Moroder. Released in 1970, it was the first album of Moroder's to be edited in Brasil with a different track list and using the cover image of the single "Looky, Looky".