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Giorgi may refer to:

  • Most popular masculine name in Georgia (გიორგი; Giorgi).
  • Surname in Italy.

Usage examples of "giorgi".

Father Giorgi doing his thing with the bowing and the chatting and the hand holding.

Paul found the two other men again, Krilov had slammed Giorgi against a wall.

The knife was back in place before Giorgi could let out more than a surprised grunt and before Paul could get a clear shot.

Pushing against it with what he hoped was enough pressure to keep Giorgi alive, but not enough to strangle him accidentally, he called for an ambulance on his cell phone.

Paul did absolutely right, because just before they shut the doors, Giorgi pulled off his oxygen mask.

Of course, when the scaffolding collapsed, we knew that the famous Giorgi had been the only survivor.

Costa watched Xavier carefully, watched him turn to Giorgi and measure his words before speaking.

Burgess had met Lucio Giorgi before, and had not disliked the man: he carried his age with an old-world courtliness which Burgess admired.

Olivera, his small black eyes watering slightly, looked back at Giorgi, who raised a single thin finger.

Da Silva has already fled the country, and Lucio Giorgi is presently in a hospital in connection with heart problems.

Ekaterinburg, when the photos of the skeletons of the tsar and his family were shown even on American television, Father Giorgi realized that a great hero of the Church had died in the person of Nicholas II.

Could Giorgi convince him, or was this a futile, dangerous exercise that might get another person killed?

And he seemed to blame Giorgi for setting up the events that had led to her death, the decision to hire the odd-jobs man who had killed her.

Puzzling over these thoughts, Father Giorgi crossed the street, his hands behind his back.

He would never stop asking that question, Father Giorgi realized, and he suddenly felt very tired.