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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ginnee \Gin"nee\, n.; pl. Ginn. See Jinnee.


Etymology 1 n. (alternative spelling of jinn English) Etymology 2

vb. (eye dialect of given English)


Ginn or GINN may refer to:

  • Ginn, supernatural beings in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings.
  • Ginn, a recurring character appearing in the television series Stargate Universe.
  • GINN, a fictional, mechanical exoskeleton weapon suit, worn in the |Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime television series.
  • Ginn, a daemon program for Linux that gives applications the ability to support a subset of multi-touch gestures on touch-sensitive displays.
  • Ginn & Co Solicitors, a Cambridge-based law firm, which was established in 1873 by Samuel Reuben Ginn
  • Ginn and Company, UK publisher, part of the Penguin Group
    • Ginn Publishing Canada
  • Bob Ginn, the owner of Ginn Clubs and Resorts real estate company and owner of the NASCAR Nextel Cup team Ginn Racing.
  • Greg Ginn, American guitarist, formerly of hardcore punk band Black Flag.
  • Hubert Ginn, former American football running back for the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Colts and Oakland Raiders.
  • Samuel Ginn, a pioneer in wireless communications and namesake of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering at Auburn University.
  • Ted Ginn, Jr., an American football wide receiver who currently plays for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League.
  • Ted Ginn, Sr., an American football coach and father of Ted Ginn, Jr.
  • Shawn Ginn, the Canadian husband of Natasha Schick ( and Father to Maxammus Ginn. Local legend places him as the sole survivor of the horrific 1999 crash.

Usage examples of "ginn".

Hassan of Aleppo seemed to grow huge before my eyes like some ginn of Eastern lore.