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n. A foolish or contemptible man.

Usage examples of "gink".

We had a colonel with us and he had a pass that some gink officer had given him when we surrendered.

Sitting on the swing was a gink officer and maybe it was the glare of the sun or maybe just the distance but he seemed to be a very old man, he seemed almost ancient, but at the same time I was sure he was wearing the uniform of a gink officer.

I got a look at the guy driving it, and like Willie had said, he was a small gink wearing wire-rimmed cheaters.

Seems to me, deceased was a dashed unpleasant old gink and well out of the way.

See the old gink leaning in the doorway of that bakery across the street?

Look at that gink out there, that four-eyed one, the one with the girl in the blue dress?

I put it in his hands, and I ducked down State street in search of this gink with the rings in his ears.

I follows this gink around until he becomes sociable and sort of adopts me.

As for that Salad Specialty, the poor Gink who calls loudly for English Mustard and thinks he is a Genius because he can rub a Bowl with a sprig of Garlic, may have his brief Hour of Triumph, but no man ever really got anywhere by doping Salad, when you stop to add it all up.

Senator Colquhoun is the old gink that was always protecting the domestic hearth against naughty films and books!

Central Station, the Hotel de Gink was a complex labyrinth of shanties and campsites.

I followed the man through the sharply twisting alleyways that made up the Hotel de Gink, I took the opportunity to observe him so that, when the time came, I would be well armed to deal with whatever demands he might place upon me.

I returned to my rough lodgings in the Hotel de Gink, Matheson had gone.

The Filipinos were on their way to Balanga like the rest of us when they were stopped by some ginks who were part of an aftermath reaction force.

In the situation we were in, which was one of total, complete and utter heat and boredom and wondering what manner of crawling scabby insect you were going to dine on next, the fact of four hundred headless Filipinos was a topic for pleasant clubhouse gossip, something to discuss briefly in mild awe and almost admiration for the ginks for at least having a sense of spectacle and to be grateful for in a way because it took our minds off our own problems.