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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1948, from gimmick + -y (2).


a. 1 Resembling, or characteristic of a gimmick. 2 Containing gimmicks.

Usage examples of "gimmicky".

Along Elm all the stores were dark, the two banks were dimly lit, the neon spectacles in the window of the optical shop cast a gimmicky light on the sidewalk.

Robocop 3 director Fred Dekker and his co-writer, Frank Miller, seemed not to understand anything about the efficacious use of humor in such a gimmicky action flick, but, by gum, they oiled up that rusty chassis and tried to make it run one more time anyway!

Several times I have considered buying something different to wear, but without bringing myself to go in a shop which sells gimmicky clothing.

Opposite that was a narrow flight of stairs lined with boxes of sparklers and snakes and other gimmicky fireworks.

Also, second person can begin to feel cloying or gimmicky over the space of a long story or a novel.

Do you enjoy the sight of him wearing a pair of well-washed baggy boxer shorts, or perhaps the gimmicky jockstrap his pals gave him as a joke for his birthday?

It is a little too gimmicky for thattoo conventionally science fiction.

Music that enfolds you, coming from some undetectable set of sources, is gimmicky, unreal, and eminently forgettable.

Bush feared the Iraqis would come up with some kind of gimmicky proposal or maneuver.