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Gilpin -- U.S. County in Colorado
Population (2000): 4757
Housing Units (2000): 2929
Land area (2000): 149.868464 sq. miles (388.157523 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.386506 sq. miles (1.001047 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 150.254970 sq. miles (389.158570 sq. km)
Located within: Colorado (CO), FIPS 08
Location: 39.841995 N, 105.495503 W
Gilpin, CO
Gilpin County
Gilpin County, CO
Gilpin (surname)

Gilpin is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Betty Gilpin (born 1986), American actress
  • Bernard Gilpin (1517–1583), English theologian influential in the emerging Church of England
  • Charles Gilpin (politician) (1815–1874), Quaker, orator, politician, publisher and railway director
  • Charles Sidney Gilpin (1878–1930), African-American actor
  • George Gilpin (1514–1602), English diplomat and one of Queen Elizabeth I's most trusted agents
  • Harry Gilpin (1876–1950), British politician and businessman
  • Henry D. Gilpin (1801–1860), American lawyer and Attorney General of the United States
  • Jack Gilpin (born 1951), American actor
  • John Gilpin, 18th century person who was the basis for William Cowper's ballad The Diverting History of John Gilpin
  • John Gilpin (dancer) (1930–1983), English ballet dancer and actor
  • Laura Gilpin (1891–1979), American photographer
  • Laura Crafton Gilpin (1950–2007), poet, nurse and advocate for patients rights
  • Peri Gilpin (born 1961), American actress best known for her work on the television show Frasier
  • Sir Richard Gilpin, 1st Baronet (1801–1882), MP for the Bedfordshire Constituency
  • Richard Gilpin (1625–1700), English nonconformist minister and physician
  • Robert Gilpin, American economist, political scientist and professor
  • Sally Gilpin, English ballet dancer and choreographer
  • Sawrey Gilpin (1733–1807), English animal painter, illustrator and etcher
  • Steve Gilpin (1950–1992), New Zealand singer
  • William Gilpin (bishop) (1902–1988), Anglican Bishop of Kingston upon Thames
  • William Gilpin (governor) (1813–1894), American explorer, politician, land speculator, soldier and writer
  • William Gilpin (priest) (1724–1804, English artist, Anglican cleric, schoolmaster and author, best known as one of the originators of the idea of the picturesque
  • William Sawrey Gilpin (1762–1843), English artist, drawing master and landscape designer

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Gilpin may refer to:


  • Gilpin (surname)


  • River Gilpin, Cumbria, England
  • Gilpin County, Colorado
  • Gilpin Peak, a mountain in Colorado
  • Gilpin, Kentucky, an unincorporated community
  • Gilpin Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
  • Gilpin, Richmond, Virginia, a neighborhood

Other uses:

  • Gilpin Baronets, a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom
  • Gilpin Railroad, a railroad in Gilpin County from 1887 to 1917
  • Gilpin Airlines, a small airline serving California, Arizona, and the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California in the 1930s
  • Gilpin Homestead, Chadds Ford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on the US National Register of Historic Places

Usage examples of "gilpin".

Teddy Gilpin was swearing at the Trivial Pursuit machine, and his brother was nursing a half of scrumpy and a packet of crisps, ogling the Tiller Girl in UI.

Quite a few trees had yellow-orange badges, where Terry or Teddy Gilpin had shot wide of the mark.

Behind the officers stood Terry and Teddy Gilpin, Browning rifles casually in their hands, long coats brushing the ground.

At a nod from the Reeve, Teddy Gilpin took a look at Lytton’s wound and reported that it wasn’t serious.

Have you noticed how the Maskell chin shows up on those Gilpin creatures?

Budge lay flat dead, and Gilpin gurgled, incapacitated by several wounds.

Sam Gilpin was a boatswain of the old school, quick with an oath or one of his fists, but he rarely took a man aft for punishment if either of the options would suffice.

Sam Gilpin the boatswain, whose voice was never silent for long: another old Jack, every finger a marlin spike as he had heard Allday describe him.

He could hear Gilpin the boatswain, bawling out to some of his working party.