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Gillet is a Belgian automobile manufacturer, started in 1992 by former racing driver Tony Gillet. The company produces the Vertigo sports coupé, an ultra-lightweight (990 kg) 'bespoke' and hand-built sportscar. The first Vertigo was powered by a Ford Cosworth 2.0 litre 4-in-line, later evolutions are powered by more powerful engines: the 3.0 litre Alfa Romeo V6 engine and the 4.2 litre Ferrari/Maserati V8 in the latest evolution called Vertigo.5.

Gillet (disambiguation)

Gillet is a Belgian automobile manufacturer.

Gillet may also refer to:

Usage examples of "gillet".

The noise increases in the Passage Gillet and I recognize it: it is a noise which men make.

Yet I must choose: I surrender the Passage Gillet, I shall never know what had been reserved for me.

There was a Sears-Roebuck, a Gillet, young Sidney Kodak who would one day be Kodak of Kodak, a Houbigant, Buick of Buick, and R.

Her gillets and genitalia were stuck in odd positions, and her shape was wrong.

The chain got caught on some of her gillets, then slid down and hung from her neck.

He admired how the green-filtered light from the suns sparkled in the water beading her gillets, creating tiny, perfect rainbows.

Now much more work had been done, replacing his missing eye, gillets, and facial tissue.

He tugged sharply on a handful of gillets, making Dair produce a muffled groan.

Her gillets were rearranged to look like hair, she has arms and legs, and as she discovers when she eventually mates with a local, even her intimate anatomy has been rearranged.

They did not tell him anything important, merely familiarized him with certain names, the Dubards, the Cornus, the Gillets, Rateaus and Boncceurs.