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Giglana is a village situated at distance from Neemrana in North Direction. This Village Covered With two sides by hills. Main Part of population in this village is of Rajputs, ( chauhan). Village is divided into 5 parts(called "panas" in local language). village contain some of very old homes since 1400 AD. Rajput of the villages mainly join Indian army. There are 32 dhani in Giglana. it is famous for Mata fair which held in month of march (after holi.) In this village peoples mainly depends on agriculture and engaged in fruit and vegetables profession.One old temple about 400 years old which of lord Krishna and Hanuman ji.There is another temple which called Baba DhanDas ji temple it is near by the hills. The palm of this village is very famous.The trees of palm are along the giglana- mandhan road. People use their leaf and woods in havan population depends on Agriculture. language - Hindi It is very near to Haryana (nearby state) Border. village have two ponds for storing rain water. There are eight temples in the village of different GOD beliefs of Hindus. Festivals celebrated are Holi, Diwali, Gangaur, Teej, Ramnavmi and many others.

PIN CODE- 301704 Thana- Mandhan, District - Alwar State- Rajasthan country- India

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