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Gigant is the word for giant in a number of languages. It is derived from the Greek mythological giants, the gigantes .

It may also refer to:

  • Gigant, nickname of Messerschmitt Me 323, a German transport aircraft
  • Gigant, nickname of Hungarian MÁV Class V63 series of trains
  • FC Gigant Belene, an association football club based in Belene, Bulgaria
  • FC Gigant Grozny, a defunct association football club based in Grozny, Russia
  • FC Gigant Voskresensk, a defunct association football club based in Voskresensk, Russia
  • Gigant (rural locality), several rural localities in Russia
  • Gigant, a large missile launcher in the Japanese Kamen Rider Agito tokusatsu series
  • Gigant Bomb, a Decepticon from the future in Transformers: Robot Masters, a Japanese toy line
Gigant (rural locality)

Gigant (; lit. giant) is the name of several rural localities in Russia.

Usage examples of "gigant".

A hairy gigant lurched around a corner and up the street, almost blocking it as he swayed back and forth, singing in a basso profundo whose sweetness made her shiver, drunk though he was.

The landlord was a gigant, the barmaids pithkies, the crowd mostly human and taking a break.

Most of them were human, apart from a gigant docker and a couple of saurs.

The pithkie and the gigant at the bar are almost asleep, but they pride themselves on outlasting their customers.

Their drivers, and the pedestrians who crowded the sidewalks, were a roughly equal distribution of saurs and the three most widespread hominid species: humans, gigants, and pithkies.

The gigants stood about three meters tall, naked but for their shaggy reddish body hair and their belts of tools and weapons.

Stilt walkers and jugglers, acrobats and dancers, gigants and pithkies, costumes and floats -- some of which even celebrate the revolution: hardboard mock-ups of armored cars with broom handles poking out the windows and people in real or fake militia uniforms trotting alongside.

Only the occasional gigant or pithkie grudged her passage and stepped aside with a grunt or a flash of bright, sharp teeth.