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n. One billion hertz, 109 Hz.


n. 1,000,000,000 periods per second [syn: GHz, gigacycle per second, gigacycle, Gc]

Usage examples of "gigahertz".

Listen to Procyon at 40 gigahertz, or all across the spectrum for that matter, and find out if it was, indeed, saying something.

Forty gigahertz is not an ideal frequency for interstellar communication.

At the moment, this trick is not applied to visible light, but rather to high-frequency radio waves in the gigahertz region where the implementation is easier.

Dual four and a half gigahertz processors with a prototype one gigahertz bus and over two gigabytes of RAM, two one hundred sixty gigabyte disk drives for data storage, plus an optical drive array for fast access to information stored on CD-ROMs.

However, because the process runs at several gigahertz, it is only a matter of several moments to complete the training for the average home appliance or toy.

It never notices the layers and multitudes peeling back, their gigahertz voices joined in glad chorus.

Conrad even knew the buzzwords to explain it: a zettahertz laser—that’s a trillion gigahertz, you know—operating at four watts and refracted through a pair of Fresnel condensates to form an isotropic beam exactly thirty meters wide, terminating at the collapsium barrier of the forward ertial shield.