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n. 1 The Australian wattle (taxlink Acacia cambagei species noshow=1). 2 A type of long spear made from this wood.


n. scrubby Australian acacia having extremely foul-smelling blossoms [syn: stinking wattle, Acacia cambegei]


Gidgee may refer to any of a number of species of Acacia native to arid or semi-arid regions of Australia, or to the vegetation communities in which these species dominate:

  • Most commonly Acacia cambagei
  • Acacia argyrodendron, commonly known as "Black Gidgee"
  • Acacia anastema, commonly known as "Sanddune dometrius" or just "Gidgee"
  • Acacia pruinocarpa, commonly known as "Gidgee" or "Black Gidgee"
  • Acacia subtessarogona, commonly known as "Spreading Gidgee"
  • Acacia georginae, commonly known as "Georgina Gidgee"

Usage examples of "gidgee".

Soon after, he got the perturbing news the new jackeroo, a kid called Marshall, had been bitten by a desert taipan in the gidgee scrub out at Camp Moggill.