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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Giblet \Gib"let\, a. Made of giblets; as, a giblet pie.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see giblets.


n. (context usually plural English) the edible viscera of a bird


n. edible viscera of a fowl [syn: giblets]

Usage examples of "giblet".

Take a little of the thickening left at the bottom of the pan in which a chicken or goose has been braised, and after the fat has been taken off, mix it with the giblet liquor and boil until dissolved.

He was more than partial to thick giblet soup, the toughness of gizzard held no fear for him and stuffed, roast heart no symbol.

He walked back up the Shambles and Giblet Walk to the Market Square and booked in at the Handyman Arms.

Add these chopped giblets to a dressing of stale bread crumbs seasoned and moistened with a little hot water and butter.

Chop the giblets quite fine, put them in a frying pan over the fire with four ounces of butter, two breakfast cups of stale breadcrumbs and a good seasoning of salt, pepper and any powdered sweet herbs except sage.

And duck shops hung row upon row, over their ceilings and in their doors, the brown baked ducks that had been turnd slowly on a spit before coals and the white salted ducks and the strings of duck giblets, and so with the shops that sold geese and pheasant and every kind of fowl.

No one will ever learn how the Romeikes and the Kabruns, how Miehlke and the widow Stange stuffed themselves full of burnt goose, preserved giblets, pickled pork, and squash in vinegar in the midst of the third war year.

All this sitting around is bad for the digestion, we should organize a boar-hunt, I remember one boar-hunt I went on, in Laconia, a huge boar, it stood higher than a man, it had already killed half a dozen dogs, I remember it had the giblets of one of them hanging from its right tusk, no, it was the left, no, wait a minute.

A row of mason jars stood on a high shelf, filled with what looked like giblets floating in urine.