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n. (alternative spelling of ghee English)


GHI may stand for:

  • Gardens for Health International, an American non-profit which provides land advocacy and nutritional support for Rwandans living with HIV/AIDS
  • Ghee, sometimes spelled Ghi, clarified butter
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Global Health Initiatives, humanitarian initiatives that raise and disburse additional funds for infectious diseases
  • Global Hunger Index, a measure of progress in the global fight against hunger
  • Grand Hotels International, a hotel conglomerate
  • Greenbelt Homes, Inc., a housing cooperative in Greenbelt, Maryland
  • Group Health Incorporated, a health insurance company and HMO
  • Guitar Hero (video game), also known as Guitar Hero I

Usage examples of "ghi".

But her accent was genuine: it clipped and shorted ends of words in the pattern of the eastern reaches of Chiyaden, which could well be Hua province, and in that consideration she might be even a spy brought safely along the roads and sent up here on orders of lord Ghita himself.

Ghita uttered a faint exclamation, and, looking up, first saw that the feigned lazzarone was no other than Raoul Yvard.

Signing the book, Ghita leafed casually back, only to have it fall open at the page she was pretending not to look for: Tessa Abbott, PO box, Nairobi, Tukul 28.

A blue-shaded hurricane lamp burned and Captain McKenzie sat in front of it, so that as Ghita approached the tukul she saw only his silhouette, bowed over his desk while he wrote like a monk.

The names of the tukuls read to Ghita like regimental battle honors in the village church close to her convent school in England.

The preparations to show the ensign, which caught the quick and understanding glance of Ghita, and which had not escaped even the duller vision of the artillerists, were made at the outer end of this jigger-yard, A boy appeared on the taffrail, and he was evidently clearing the ensign-halyards for that purpose.

His name was Trang Ghi Muong and he was responsible for the massacre of eight French prisoners and a German comrade.

When Paige's parents were not around, she drank bhanga, an intoxicating drink made with hashish leaves, and ate chapati with ghi.