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n. The process of becoming a ghetto, an isolated and underprivileged urban area.

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A ghetto is described as a "quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure"

And ghettoization means to substandardising of the thing involved. It can used like" Ghettoization of women in our nation"

"People from that cast have been ghetto-ized"

Usage examples of "ghettoization".

Germans, in addition to members of the Nazi Party, participated in and supported murderous actions, accepted race ideology as truth, and contributed--as nurses, engineers, physicians, industrialists, research scientists, land use specialists--to the logistics of concentration, transport, ghettoization, and murder of Jewish adults, children, and infants.

Polish medicine, the line between dependence and collaboration appears to have been crossed several times: administering questionnaires, keeping track of the addresses of Jewish doctors, implementing the ghettoization process, enforcing public health ordinances requiring the quarantine of Jewish populations, levying taxes against Jews, implementing race laws regarding Jews practicing medicine.

If, in the short period before ghettoization, a Pole was suspected of being treated by a Jewish doctor, penalties could be severe for these Polish patients.

The phobia of defilement allows the group to condone actions such as ghettoization, purging, and killing, which assure the integrity of the boundaries between pure and impure.

Through ghettoization, the Jew was jettisoned beyond that boundary and placed psychologically and physically outside the culture, its practices and values, its social and political institutions and living spaces.

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