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Gheenoe is the trademark name brand for a long, slender, shallow- draft boat design which is superficially similar to a canoe but is much more stable. The original 15'4" LOA and 44" beam hull utilizes an integral outrigger for enhanced stability over that of a canoe, while maintaining the shallow-water and paddle capabilities of a conventional canoe hull. The design includes a transom suitable for mounting a small outboard motor. The Gheenoe hull was designed by Harley Gheen, Sr., as a solution to using inherently unstable canoes when attempting to access shallow water areas for fishing, such as lagoons, marshes, and tributary streams and rivers.

The original Gheenoe designs are manufactured by Gheen Manufacturing, Inc. of Titusville, Florida, USA. Number of boats produced is said to be in the tens of thousands. Gheenoe and Custom Gheenoe use the same dealer network which can be found in many states across the USA.

Harley "Pugar" Gheen Jr., son of Harley Gheen, expands upon his father's original designs operating Custom Gheenoe at his manufacturing facility Unlimited Glassworks, also located in Titusville, Florida. Both Gheenoe manufacturing facilities build customized and larger variations of the original Gheenoe.

Gheen Manufacturing Models:
13' Highsider
15'4" Highsider
15'6" Classic
16' Super

Custom Gheenoe Models:
15'4" NMZ (Same exterior hull as the 15'4" Highsider)
16' Lo Tide 25

Retired Models:
13' "Lowsider"
15'4" "Lowsider"
Lo Tide 15

The Lowsider has lower gunnels than the currently produced Highsider. The Lo Tide 15 may still be available by custom order but is not advertised by Custom Gheenoe.

Gheenoe Owners
Gheenoe owners are known for being passionate about their boats. Commonly referred to as "a cult like following" or the Gheenoe Army. This doesn't describe the majority of the owners but the ones who are active on the manufacture's forum and attend regular events such as the annual Big Gheenoe Rally.

The advantage:

All models are capable of being towed by a Honda Civic and float in very shallow water. Gheenoes are extremely easy to operate and maintain.

With different models, one can rig a Gheenoe for the obvious flats fishing and bass fishing. But with so many recreational options that the majority of owners have (most live in Florida), some use their Gheenoes for duck hunting, frog gigging, alligator hunting, scuba diving for scallops, lobstering, and water skiing/tubing. It has been said a gheenoe has even been offshore for sailfish, kingfish, and mahi mahi

Each year the Gheen family picks a location and date to have the Big Gheenoe Rally. Boats from all over come for the weekend to fish, explore, share stories, and there is a raffle on the main day. There are also awards to the best boats in individual categories, such as best LT25. there are also boats and accessories available for purchase

ugliest gheenoe: the cult like owners take a vote during the Big Gheenoe Rally and the two all time ugliest gheenoes are nicknamed the brown turd & the black beer cooler. Both vessels are currently equipped with 40 hp+ Mercs so nobody can see how ugly the boats really are.