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n. The letter Ƣ (minuscule: ƣ), formerly used in the Latin orthography of various (mostly Turkic) languages, and usually representing a voiced velar fricative.


GHA may refer to:

  • Gha, a letter that has been used in various orthographies for Turkic languages
  • Gha (Indic), a glyph in the Brahmic family of scripts
  • Georgia Hospital Association
  • Generalized Hebbian Algorithm, a learning rule for neural networks
  • Glasgow Housing Association
  • Glasgow Hutchesons Aloysians RFC, a rugby union club in Scotland
  • Global hectare, a measurement of the average biocapacity of all hectare measurements of any biologically productive areas on the planet
  • Global Hotel Alliance, alliance of independent hotel brands
  • Good Homes Alliance, a group committed to promoting sustainable housing in the United Kingdom
  • One of two titles in the Guitar Hero music video game series:
    • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, a console video game
    • Guitar Hero Arcade, an arcade adaptation of the series
  • Ghost Hunters Academy, the third spin-off of popular paranormal show Ghost Hunters
  • Ghana, country in Africa
  • Antwerp Port Authority, abbreviated as GHA in Dutch (Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Antwerpen)
  • GHA Coaches, a former bus operator in Cheshire, North Wales and Shropshire
  • The Greenwich Hour Angle, in Astronomy the hour angle measured from the prime (Greenwich) meridian
Gha (Indic)

Gha is the fourth consonant of Indic abugidas. In modern Indic scripts, gha is derived from the Brahmi letter , which is probably derived from the Aramaic ("H/X") after having gone through the Gupta letter .

Usage examples of "gha".

The Gha were few in numbers, but all the great trading Guilds and Combines favored them as bodyguards for their strength and physical prowess.

Agayan thought that the Gha was the same one which had been in his service when he was a mere Guild Cacique.

But I have no doubt whatsoever that on a field of battle, matched with equivalent weapons, the humans could have defeated a Gha army.

The sheer volume of the Gha commander's voice had been almost like a physical blow.

He heard the Gha commander bellowing more phrases in the sepoy language.

He had not realized that Gha could speak Galactic beyond a few crude and simple phrases.

The Gha commander's incredibly powerful grip had ruptured half of Agayan's internal organs.

Yet, aside from an initial attempt to struggle free from the iron grip of the Gha who had captured him, the Medic seemed almost tranquil.

His Gha captor still held him by the arm, but the Medic was making no attempt to escape.

Evolved on a heavy-gravity planet, Gha necks were almost completely rigid.

The bleak, wind-scoured, heavy planet where Gha had originated was merciless.

A form which, when other intelligences discovered them—more technologically advanced intelligences, but not smarter ones—could see nothing beyond the stiff shield of Gha faces.

To galactic civilization—to the Doge Species which ruled that civilization—the Gha were nothing more than splendid thugs.

The chime-syllable which prefaced his words was a Gha way of expressing agreement.

His next gesture—right hand turned aside, waist high, fingers curled against the thumb—was the Gha expression of apology.