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GF, gf or gF may refer to:

Airline codes
  • French Guiana (ISO 3166 country code: GF)
  • Gulf Air (IATA airline designator: GF)
  • Sierra Leone (ICAO airport designator prefix: GF)
Companies and organizations
  • +GF+, an abbreviation for the Swiss company Georg Fischer
  • GlobalFoundries
  • Grafiska Fackförbundet - Mediafacket, the Swedish Graphic Workers' Union
  • GF Securities, one of the largest financial institutions in P.R.China
Computing, maths, and science
  • Cyclosarin nerve gas (NATO designation: GF)
  • Fermi's constant, G
  • Fluid intelligence as opposed to gC, crystallized intelligence
  • Galois field
  • GF method, Wilson's normal mode analysis
  • Gluten Free
  • Gram force (symbol: gf)
  • Grammatical Framework, a type-theoretic grammar formalism
  • Greater fool
  • Growth factor in biology
  • Dominical letter GF for a leap year starting on Monday
  • Great Friend, internet slang
  • Goals for, ice hockey statistic
  • Girlfriend, a term for a female romantic or sexual partner
  • Good faith
  • Good Friday, a holiday
  • GuitarFreaks
  • Ground Floor
  • Gravity Falls, a Disney TV show.

GF(2) (also F, Z/2Z or Z) is the Galois field of two elements. It is the smallest finite field.