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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

a Scottish variant of gay, sometimes used 18c.-19c. with a sense of "considerable, pretty much, considerably." Compare gray/grey.


a. (context Scotland Ireland northern England English) Fairly good; considerable. (from 18th c.) adv. (context Scotland Ireland northern England English) very. (from 17th c.)


Gey is a surname, and may refer to:

  • George Otto Gey, American scientist
  • Konstantin Gey, Soviet revolutionary and politician
  • Steven Gey, Florida State University law professor

Usage examples of "gey".

De Gier ran to the end of the terrace where he had seen de la Faille, but the baron was gone.

I, who am only a northern barbarian,--though our country, too, can boast of its celebrities, --Linnaeus, Berzelius, Thorwaldsen, Tegner, Franzen, Geier, and the charming novelist Frederika Bremer,--I find myself a cipher in such company.

Ace reporters Anona Geier and Walter Hall smith will bring to our readers the whole story of this historic trial.

The Geier had sunk while we were still battling upon our deck, and afterward we had drawn away toward the north, leaving the survivors to the attention of the single boat which had been making its way toward us when Olson launched the torpedo.

Daar zal ik zelf ook toe horen als de gier mijn hersens heeft leeggezogen en ze mij in Arecibo hebben gedumpt.

Cardozo said, and lifted the remnants of a bale of cloth with a gesture of exuberance, but he overdid it and the end of the bale knocked a glass of coffee over, spilling the foaming liquid into the tin till which de Gier was about to close, having counted its contents.

Gier fired once more but there was no sign of either Rammy or his weapon.

Ace reporters Anona Geier and Walter Hall smith will bring to our readers the whole story of this historic trial.

The daimyo had surmised that de Gier wanted to make contact too, for why would he have visited the Golden Dragon otherwise?

So all he, de Gier, had to do now, was to go ahead and see what the daimyo had planned for him to get into that day.

Gier said, pointing at Ary and Fritz, who were buying dustcoats at a stall.

De Gier looked at the old-fashioned gear lever attached to the tank and thought of the BMW he once used to ride himself and the easy footgear that he could move with a flick of the toe.

Both Grijpstra and de Gier played around the new sonorous vibration and raised the theme until they could go no further and until van Meteren, with a high-pitched yell and a final groan of his tree trunk, broke the interlinking sounds and they looked at each other, silently, and utterly surprised.

De Gier knew that he carried the measuring tape at all times, for the pocket of his tailor-made expensive suit bulged.

And you see some gey strange beasties from the Safari Park-there's rhino about yet-but no the red deer.