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a. (context idiomatic often disparaging of a scheme English) Claiming to provide large profits quickly, with no realistic chance of success, in order to lure gullible investment victims.

Usage examples of "get-rich-quick".

Bill looked up to twenty-six-year-old Sam, who wore a three-piece suit onstage and railed against the get-rich-quick televangelists who built amusement parks in the name of the Lord.

A scattered few may still have a pittance, but the majority, after they have paid their income tax and their land tax and all their other taxes and invested in one or two of the get-rich-quick schemes thrown together for their benefit by bright-eyed gentlemen in the City, are generally pretty close to the bread line.

Always full of get-rich-quick schemes like buying land in the Bahamas or backing crazy inventors, and I even heard him on about pyramid selling once, only we told him not to be such a bloody fool.