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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gere \Gere\, n. Gear. [Obs.]


Gere may refer to:

Usage examples of "gere".

Zij dorst zich niet bewegen, ontzet voor zichzelve, en zij had gaarne haar twijfelend verstand gered, door, als het het ware, buiten zichzelve te gaan.

Freke and Gere immediately shrank back, wagging their pom-poms furiously.

Joseph Papp, actresses Tammy Grimes, Estelle Parsons, and Celeste Holm, actors Richard Gere and Michael Moriarty.

En toch gevoelde zij zich zalig, in dat licht, bij die vlammen, zalig, dat zij gered was uit de demonische machten der duisternis.

Karal was able to o violently that he stagspluelelvehiamnsdelafr fmreoc-utKoafrajlalrsimpalsrahjaysnids slif ted, and he jerked his gered half a dozen paces down the hallway.

He forced himself to drink an ordinary tea, and lingered over a, sweet milk pudding, in which there was only one questionable and lumpy substance, exceedingly bitter to the taste-but one could, with dexterity, pick the bits out.

There came, too, a young gentleman, son of a distinguished New Englander, his name George Gering, who was now in New York for the first time.

George Gering should so impress her that she might somehow change ere his return.

For the first time in his life Gering had a pang of jealousy and envy.

CHAPTER IV THE UPLIFTING OF THE SWORDS Iberville and Gering sat on with the tobacco and the wine.

He knew very well that that part of the game was turned against him, but with a kind of cheerful recklessness, as was ever his way with odds against him, and he guessed that the odds were with Gering in the matter of Jessica,--he bent across the table and repeated them with an exasperating turn to his imperfect accent.

They passed into the musty little hallway, and Gering with some difficulty drew back the bolts.

He obeyed with cheerfulness, and was taken in charge by Morris, who, having passed on Iberville and Gering to the drawing-room, was once more at his post, taciturn as ever.

The firs, where Iberville and Gering had just plucked out their swords, were not far, and both men heard.

Iberville and Gering passed through the bushes also, but could neither see nor hear the quarry.