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Etymology 1 n. A yurt. Etymology 2

n. A male convert to Judaism.

Ger (Hasidic dynasty)

Ger, or Gur (or Gerrer when used as an adjective) is a Hasidic dynasty originating from Ger, the Yiddish name of Góra Kalwaria, a small town in Poland. The founder of the dynasty was Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter (1798–1866), known as the Chiddushei HaRim after his primary scholarly work by that title.

Prior to the Holocaust, followers of Ger were estimated to numbered in excess of 100,000, making it one of the largest and most influential Hasidic groups in Poland. Today the movement is based in Jerusalem and its membership is estimated at 13,000 families, most of whom live in Israel, making the largest Hasidic dynasty in Israel. However, there are also well-established Ger communities in Brooklyn, New York, and London, UK, and minor Ger communities in Toronto, Canada, and Los Angeles, California.


Ger or GER may refer to:

Usage examples of "ger".

Wat hielp het den Hamster, dat hij blazend naar den Egel beet: hij verwondde zich eenvoudig den bek aan de stekels, zoodat het bloed er uit druppelde, en kreeg intusschen zoovele stooten met den stekelhelm tusschen de ribben en zoovele beten in de pooten, dat hij bezweken zou zijn, als ik hem niet het leven had gered.

Zij dorst zich niet bewegen, ontzet voor zichzelve, en zij had gaarne haar twijfelend verstand gered, door, als het het ware, buiten zichzelve te gaan.

After that strange evening when Geri briefly spoke forSomething Elsehow could he not have felt that the storm was about to break?

Geri, Kyle, and I waited with all the animation of the teenaged finalist in one of her sulks.

En toch gevoelde zij zich zalig, in dat licht, bij die vlammen, zalig, dat zij gered was uit de demonische machten der duisternis.

Karal was able to o violently that he stagspluelelvehiamnsdelafr fmreoc-utKoafrajlalrsimpalsrahjaysnids slif ted, and he jerked his gered half a dozen paces down the hallway.

In Hauck Auditorium, sitting beside Carol Gerber, this crazy card-party had seemed like a dream.

Master of Sinanju noticed, as his pony topped the rise and the provincial capital of Sayn Shanda lay revealed, was the activity in the gers studding the surrounding pastureland.

South Bankers slid da gers from their sleeves as they drew pragmatic, razor-edged swon from scabbards that had appeared purely decorative.

Robert Keisman and Jason thought Harold Gerber might be a whacko, but he was innocent of the murder of Dr.

It took Elayne a moment to recognize Gera, one of the cooks, in those ageless features.

Hitler returned to Germany in a state of considerable irritation and called a meeting of his party leaders in the little town of Gera in Thuringia for Sunday, June 17, to report on his talks with Mussolini and to assess the worsening situation at home.

Germany, but it fell like a bombshell on the little group of Nazi leaders gathered at Gera, and Goebbels moved quickly to see that it became known as little as possible.

Or I remember coming back from being away in Gera, and running into Charlie in the corridor.

By the time we had finished eating the train was in Gera, close to the Czech border, but despite the fact that our S A travelling companion got off at that stop, there was no sign of the troop concentrations we had heard about.