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geological fault

n. (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault" [syn: fault, shift, fracture, break]

Usage examples of "geological fault".

It was some time since she'd used it last, and she nearly burnt a hole the size of a large geological fault in the landscape before she got the atomiser beam properly adjusted, but there was no harm done.

It's a geological fault caused by large-scale continental movement.

As she studied the map, the defeated faces around her fell into a collage of other impressions: the geological fault that had done away with a week's work in the Snake Mountain Gap, Goofy Joe at the fire talking about fighting ghosts, Packy crushed at seeing his temporary shelter turned into a permanent home, Shiner Pete saying that you can kill troupers and you can kill animals, but you can never kill the show.

This very route system was the passage through which Central Asian and subcontinental peoples flowed back and forth and interbred, undermining the geological fault zone that I had assumed was so formidable.

In the southern springtime of 1896 on the shores of a lake near the southern extremity of the Rift Valley, that mighty geological fault which splits the African Continental Shield like an axe stroke, a bizarre hatching occurred.

But lo and behold, it is not at any previously known geological fault.

First you notice the continual rotating motion of a greyish-green, oily sludge which reflects blinding sunlight, but skimming just above the 'back of the python' (the 'ravine' sheltering the 'extensor' now resembles the sides of a geological fault), you realize that the motion is in fact far more complex, and consists of concentric fluctuations traversed by darker currents.

Since we are on the edge of a major geological fault, earthquakes are not at all unusual, and the increase attracted little attention.

They emerged from the Mobius Continuum at the geological fault which the Thyre called Crack-in-the-Rocks.

An office door opened, and a man with a mouth like a geological fault stared his disapproval.

But what she saw was only his face, transfigured, like a geological fault line after an earthquake.

The line here, represented by the guard, is an immense geological fault that cuts across the continent from one side to the other, an unbroken cliff that is three to ten kilometers high across the entire land mass.

As it was, while that one missile did not reach the city, its frightful atomic charge exploded under six hundred fathoms of water, ten scant miles from Atlantis' harbor, and very close to an ancient geological fault.