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n. (plural of geodesic English)

Usage examples of "geodesics".

But the very fact that they were calling on her—that they might need to know about (as she had expressed it in her doctoral dissertation, Non-gravity Bent Geodesics of n-Spatial Reference Frames: An Approach to Superspace Visualization and Probability Clustering)—made her even more apprehensive.

She had even begun to chart the geodesics of higher fractional spaces, and the way these geodesics might project in five and four-space.

About midway through the list appeared, Theory of n-Spatial Geodesics as Applied to Newtonian Physics with a Special Discourse on Rho-Simplon Worm Lines.

That curvature defines the geodesics, that is, the `shortest' lines in space, just the way the curvature of the sphere will define the geodesics of its surface, that is, what we call `great circles.