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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The thrifty genotype hypothesis and its implications for the study of complex disorders in man.
▪ Association between genotype and phenotype has been observed and is supported by expression studies.
▪ Of course, as for any other trait, it may be impossible for any one homozygous genotype to achieve the optimum.
▪ Plants of the same genotype can then be tested in different environments.
▪ Possibly, they are of a different genotype.
▪ The genotype is the set of genes it inherited, the phenotype is what it looks like.
▪ The frequency of the ACE/DD genotype in the general population was 0.27.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

genotype \gen"o*type\ n. (Genetics) A group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution.

2. (Genetics) The genetic constitution of an organism, specifying the particular alleles at defined loci in the genome; -- used with respect to one gene, a specific group of genes, or the entire set of genes within the organism. Contrasted with phenotype.

Syn: genetic constitution.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"genetic constitution of an individual," 1910, from German Genotypus (Wilhelm Johannsen, 1909); see gene + type. Earlier the same word was used with a sense of "type species of a genus" (1897); in this case, the first element is from genus.


n. 1 (context genetics English) The combination of alleles, situated on corresponding chromosomes, that determines a specific trait of an individual, such as "Aa" or "aa". 2 A group of organisms having the same genetic constitution. vb. (context transitive English) To determine the #Noun of.

  1. n. a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

  2. the particular alleles at specified loci present in an organism [syn: genetic constitution]


The genotype is the part ( DNA sequence) of the genetic makeup of a cell, and therefore of an organism or individual, which determines a specific characteristic ( phenotype) of that cell/organism/individual. Genotype is one of three factors that determine phenotype, the other two being inherited epigenetic factors, and non-inherited environmental factors. DNA mutations which are acquired rather than inherited, such as cancer mutations, are not part of the individual's genotype; hence, scientists and physicians sometimes talk for example about the (geno)type of a particular cancer, that is the genotype of the disease as distinct from the diseased.

An example of how genotype determines a characteristic is petal color in a pea plant.

Usage examples of "genotype".

Darwinian evolution is a process of preservation of favoured genotypes as a consequence of differential survival and reproduction of phenotypes.

Asexual propagation (cloning) allows the preservation of genotype because only normal cell division (mitosis) occurs during growth and regeneration.

But when a scientist presents to you the structural model of a genotype, you are no longer dealing with an 'acultural code,' because the scientist has translated the code of genetics into the language of symbols -- chemical symbols, let us say.

During mitosis every chromosome pair replicates and one of the two identical sets of chromosome pairs migrates to each daughter cell, which now has a genotype identical to the mother cell.

It must be remembered, in attempting to fix favorable characteristics, that a monohybrid cross gives rise to four possible recombinant genotypes, a dihybrid cross gives rise to 16 possible recombinant genotypes, and so forth.

It was the result of the genotyping test he had had done on Fei Yen and her child.

He knew, from the various conferences he had attended, that the genotyping success rate was accelerating at a pace that astounded even those participating in it.

For obvious reasons, my great-grandmothers weren't very eager to talk about the true parentage of some of their children, and the facts came out only after they got to genotyping everybody as a standard practice.

While, of course, the great strides forward made in China, in the fields of nutrition, sanitation and genotyping, have already made the country's population the healthiest and most able in the world, the people of Yatakang's great ally are eager to hail and adopt this impressive Asian achievement.

Though my studies revolved around tribal linkages and genotyping, I touched on creation myths from time to time.

It's not illegal anyhow - we have clean genotypes, no diabetes, no haemophilia, nothing!

One by one, he identified the genotypes of the beasts Varian and the others had recorded.

Except for eyes that were green, not brown, the young man fit perfectly the genotype of the banned colony-clones that she'd investigated as a member of the investigative panel on Astris seventy years ago as a medical student.

Her genotype had been selected and shaped for physical attractiveness, and for as much in the way of libidinal energy and submissiveness as Mesa's gengineers could pinpoint in the genetic code.

Her genotype had been selected and shaped for physical attractiveness, and for as much in the way of libidinal energy and submissiveness as Mesas gengineers could pinpoint in the genetic code.