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genetic abnormality

Usage examples of "genetic abnormality".

So far, the family has had scattered reports that corroborate what you've found out-genetic abnormality in mother and child.

Killgore wondered if she had a genetic abnormality in her upper GI maybe some vulnerability to peptic ulcer disease?

The type of genetic abnormality that you describe was not rare on Mandrake.

She began to draw double and quadruple helixes as she talked, shifting inexorably into biotech jargon, until John could only catch the general drift of the argument, which apparently had its origins in the genome project and the field of genetic abnormality correction, with application methods taken from cancer therapy and GEM technique.

He was sure it was some kind of mother thing, a latent genetic abnormality that only emerged after giving birth and lasted until you'd driven your children out of the house.

They need to do some experiments to try to isolate the genetic abnormality that produced you.