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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Genappe \Ge*nappe"\, n. [From Genappe, in Belgium.] A worsted yarn or cord of peculiar smoothness, used in the manufacture of braid, fringe, etc.


n. A smooth worsted yarn or cord, used in the manufacture of braid, fringe, etc.


Genappe is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant. On 1 January 2006 Genappe had a total population of 14,136. The total area is 89.57 km² which gives a population density of 158 inhabitants per km².

Villages in the municipality of Genappe are:

  • Genappe
  • Vieux-Genappe
  • Bousval
  • Baisy-Thy
  • Ways
  • Houtain-le-Val
  • Loupoigne
  • Glabais

Usage examples of "genappe".

The mad charge was checked at the village of Genappe where the road narrowed as it twisted between the thatched cottages.

At Genappe Lord John had been close enough to see the Life Guards charge and he had even spurred forward to join them.

Later, north of Genappe, when the French did not pursue so closely, he noticed how nervous both sets of cavalry were of each other.

PRINCE OF ORANGE As my divisions seem to lie around The probable point of impact, it behoves me To start at once, Duke, for Genappe, I deem?

She could hardly feel that way about poor old Fanny Genappe, who had not that sort of personality.

Lugg for the sufferer on the table and he saw to his astonishment that it was his grave-tending friend of the morning, the secretary to the bird-watching Fanny Genappe, Miss Pinkerton of the Pontisbright Park Estate.

Well, wait a minute while I tell the Genappe chauffeur to come back for me.

Mr Genappe has telephoned to say that he is back in London, so have had to hurry off.

Burt, Hare, Smith, and Genappe of all people, arrived home unexpectedly.

Fanny Genappe, who was standing next to Minnie, put his hand on her arm.

I suppose Miss Pinkerton merely thought of Smith as someone working for Genappe and therefore all-important.

Waterloo and his capture of Napoleon on the bridge at Genappe that had made him immortal.

Philippe le Bon, who granted him 3000 gold florins a month, and the castle of Genappe as a residence.

At any rate he was appointed by Philippe or Louis to record the stories that enlivened the evenings at the Castle of Genappe, and the choice could not have fallen on a better man.

His right was in advance of Planchenois, and his left rested on the Genappe road, while his rear was skirted by thick woods.